HeartACT  Approach

Action from your heart

Do you struggle to deal with the basics of daily life? 


It’s tough this modern world isn’t it? You are juggling so many roles in life, while facing the daily challenges of your personal stories. Striving to create a better future for yourself whilst trying to maintain some kind of balance and sanity!


Whatever happened to your goals and dreams? It’s been proven. Day by day, your mind, emotions and body take a battering from the constant stress and tension that is so endemic. Add to that, media gloom and doom and the complexities of our shifting world, it’s no wonder that maintaining life-balance is so hard. 






Hi my name is Debbie Debonaire and I want you to know you are not alone and that suffering in silence, accepting this as your daily burden, turning to addictive substances or medication, or even escaping into the internet,  are not the answer. 


You know that, deep down. Stress, anxiety, tension, overwhelm, depression...they will affect everybody in society, whatever their status, at sometime in their life.  Whether you are a working parent, entrepreneur, senior manager, CEO or medical professional, the challenges of your career alone, can leave you feeling overstretched.


Let’s change that today. You may have tried lots of things already, therapy, healing, self help. But I want you to know… you don’t need fixing. You may feel broken sometimes but you are not.

Thriving is your birthright. You were meant to fulfil those goals and dreams. It is possible for your daily reality to happen on your own terms! It starts with a choice. Then an action.


  1. Decide that you deserve better. Or decide that you want better! Make today the day that ‘you choose you!’ 


     2. Commit to whatever is neccessary to be free of the burdens you carry around.

Nothing can happen for you if you don’t do those two things.You might not even think you have a choice so I would love to show you that making that choice will be the most important decision of your life. 


You can become ‘life-proofed’ whatever is going on with you or the world! With getting into ‘life-proofed’ mode, you will be able to cope with anxiety, stress, overwhelm or depression any time they crop up. You will have the foundations to shine in your career, thrive in your relationships, and truly create your ideal daily reality on your own terms.


Have you ever even dared to believe that such a thing is possible? It is! When you are ‘life-proofed’,  you will be able to choose the emotions of peace, joy and lightness which lead to complete freedom over your destiny.


My speciality is giving you the keys to do that.  It begins with a simple connection call with me. You talk, I listen. You will be heard. Here is the way


HeartACT™ is a personalised approach to building emotional resilience and becoming ‘life-proofed’, that takes your whole person into loving consideration. All of you! 


Using the modalities of Holistic Therapy, Drama Healing Therapy and Emotional Resilience Guidance, and through the unique HeartACT™ experience, I customise your journey back to thriving, and give you the tools and transformation that will support your life, well-being and career. 


Here is how to take the first step:

It all starts with a 20 minute call