About Debbie  

Debbie Debonaire is an Holistic Counsellor, Emotional Resilience Consultant, author and public speaker who is currently embarking on writing her own masterpiece.

She is a three times suicide attempt failure, who overcame extreme clinical depression and the effects of prolonged mental abuse, to create a thriving life on her own terms and a mission to help others.

She has transformed her own life to serve as an example to others suffering in adversity, stress, anxiety, fear, severe lack of self-confidence and self-esteem so that they too can thrive, living on their own terms. Based in the UK, her story is one of extreme courage and focus. 

She has in excess of 4 years working with women all over the world to find their true potential.

She has appeared on various news platforms and podcasts including Suicide My Story is a writer in 'Thrive' and 'Brainz' Magazines and features in the 'House of Preeminence' which is being hailed as the new 'O' magazine

Emotional Resilience


Holistic Counsellor 

Public Speaker 

You're in safe hands

International Meditation Teacher Trainers Association Member

Complementary Medicine Association Member


BA Honors Disability Studies Liverpool Hope University

IMTTA Certificate in  Holistic Counselling 

IMTTA Certificate in Mediation teaching & Holistic human development


IMTTA Certificate in Chair yoga instruction