About Me   

I have been helping people for many years to overcome long term negative life patterns and take charge of their destiny. As a private consultant, I help career women with families struggling with demanding careers, the strains of relationships and overstretched lifestyles, to master the habits and choices that ensure a serene balanced lifestyle in which they can thrive on their own terms. 


I also guide women suffering from trauma and/or abuse, to eradicate the pain of feeling trapped and powerless and enable them reclaim their freedom and navigate back to a life they control. Permanently. So many women lack the basic skills essential to success - self confidence, self esteem, mindset and emotional mastery.  Through private consultation and through my methodology, the HeartACT™ Approach, we work together in absolute privacy and confidence, according to your own needs and circumstances.

I am a three times suicide attempt failure. I overcame extreme clinical depression and the effects of prolonged mental abuse, to create a thriving life on my own terms and a mission to help others. 

I have been able to transform my own life to serve as an example to others suffering in adversity, anxiety, fear, severe lack of self-confidence and lack of self-esteem. Based in Manchester UK, my story is one of extreme courage and focus. 


My complete transformation was from suicidal victim  to leader, speaker and highly-esteemed, global expert on emotional trauma and trauma recovery.

Emotional Resilience


Holistic Counsellor 

Public Speaker 

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