Does your team need better

Emotional Resilience to boost productivity?

Corporate Emotional Resilience Workshop offers businesses six components that blend to create an effective tool box for both management and staff to apply in the workplace as well as their personal lives. 

The components of the Corporate Emotional Resilience program includes:


Stress management

Relaxation skills

The science of positive psychology

Building strong and effective teams

 Goal setting and achievements  

Positive communication

Time management

These components are interlocked with the 9 Pillars of Emotional Resilience






Self Management

Self Awareness



Benefits for participants include:


Improved productivity

Higher morale & Motivation

Less Absenteeism

Stronger management and stress awareness

Better stress management skills 

Better equipped to recognise the causes of stress

Greater communication and teamwork skills 

Greater focus

Confidence to take on responsibility

Each session begins with a discussion to access what procedures are already being implemented to address that particular session’s topic

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