Approach - Escape

Want to learn how to use your current overwhelming life space to create a life of Freedom?

Stepping into this space of the HeartACT™ Approach Escape is a powerful 12-Week experience. Where you learn to use 6 areas of your life to power up your potential using Holistic Therapy techniques so you can energetically overcome your overwhelming life space to love your life and have the freedom to:


Choose Life | Choose Freedom | Choose You






During this 12-Week online Escape experience, you will learn how to:

Discover your true self and set her free 

Declutter the mind to see a clear pathway ahead

Experience rapid calm so you can relax at will 

Build confidence to make the right choices in your life


and make changes in line with those choices 

Believe in yourself and your best life  to feel empowered to go after what you desire 


By the end of the Escape, you will be ready to take the steps towards launching your own life of Freedom, controlling negativity and turning them into triumphs


Benefit from unique and powerful resources to help you on your journey to freedom


HeartACT 9 Pillars of Emotional Resilience - eBook

Peer support and real-time Q&A 

A confidential safe place to share your journey 

It all starts with a 20 minute call