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Emotional Resilience Tool Kit ebook

This Emotional Resilience tool kit is 12 years in the making, written from the heart of a woman (me) who has turned adversities to triumphs, to inspire you to evolve into the woman you want to become.

This is for you if you: Are sick and tired of being sick and tired. Stuck in repeated life patterns that are not serving you well
Fed up of juggling life. Mentally drained. Physically Drained. Being controlled by life not living it. Are Held back by the self-limiting beliefs bestowed on you by others

Pages filled with love, guidance, inspiration, empathy, and empowerment. Full of strategies and tools for you to use so that you can:

Bounce back to being the person you were born to become, Step into the life you long for, Taking back the control that is held by others, Be free to make your own choices in life, Be free to put yourself first, Live life on your own terms and so much more.

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The 9 Pillars of Emotional Resilience

Wherever you are in life, whatever is going on for you, I want you to know that you already possess the inner power and strength to build your Emotional Resilience and become the greatest version of yourself and have the freedom to be you. These Pillars of Emotional Resilience will help you achieve that freedom when putting them into action. These pillars are what saved my life, and how I discovered my healing path, leading me right to my own ‘yellow brick road’!  


They are called pillars because our life is built on foundations. Without the right foundations, we are likely to crack, crumble and fall. I am going to be inviting you to let me help you build or restore those foundations so you can build on your Emotional Resilience that has its core at the centre of your own Heart. This ebook gives you insight into how to bring them into your life.

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A series of videos giving you 7 different strategies and techniques for you to use to lessen and ultimately relieve you of your overwhelm, stress, anxiety and depression so that you can begin to take back the control of your life, allowing you to live life on your own terms. The videos will also give you the ability to strengthen your emotional resilience when you carry out the strategies and techniques. They are the same ones I used and developed during my own journey of overcoming and conquering Clinical Depression and that I have shared with my clients whom themselves have had great results. See the Testimonial page.

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