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HeartACT™ Call


Looking to find out the best way to work with Debbie, as either a client or someone looking to embark on some type of collaboration, check out the services below or use the above link to set up a call.

HeartACT™ Client Level- Up Session


If you have worked with Debbie previously and would like to take more steps then book a HeartACT™ level-up session with her.  The next steps in your journey may be listed below, so before you book check out the following services. 

Masquerade- Current Self Evaluation




Spend half a day with Debbie to step out into the role you play in your current life. Begin by finding out what’s behind and in front of the mask. How you see yourself and how you perceive others see you. This will give you an understanding of the direction your life is going and will allow you to begin to implement the changes in the direction you need and what steps you need to take next to begin to step out onto the life stage you long for.

Click the link above to begin unveiling your mask.

Life Script - Creating your future life 


You have been in Debbie’s arena now for some time, you have seen what life changes she can create with others, and you want to create with her a new version of yourself. Book this 90-minute rehearsal with her to get clear on how you want to rewrite your current life script, what your next scenes look like and what your next directions are: A Leading Role, A change of Characters, Scenery, Direction or Exiting Stage Right. You will know by the end of the call which one is right for you and maybe it is a whole new Blockbuster altogether. Book the call via the above link, it will change your life.


Character Building Session


Is the dog/cat the only one whom you feel is pleased to see you when you get home of an evening? During these sessions, we look at the different characters in your life, the parts they play, and what is needed moving forward so you can make the relationship between you and them better. We will also see which ones do not serve you well and need to be written out of your life and where you feel like everyone is pulling your strings.


Being pulled one way then the other? Your life is being controlled by someone else or controlled by many. You will learn strategies to step out and take control of your puppet strings so you can cut them and be free to stand up as your own leading lady, directing your own life. In control and on your terms. 


6 x 90-minute sessions over 6 weeks. Click the link above to book.

Nurturing the Junior Cast


Feel like your children are out of control or your relationship with them has lost direction? Not sure if what you will find when you enter stage right, and God only knows what is going on stage left.


Bring the curtain down on the doubt and negativity that you are not a good enough mum. These sessions help you understand the dynamics of your relationship with your child/children, the dynamics between them, and what is needed to create peace and harmony so that your family life becomes a showstopper you feel proud of and happiness comes with no rehearsal. 


6 x 90-minute sessions over 6 weeks. Click the link to book.


Lessening the Drama


Feel like your life is a farce or a comedy of errors?

Feeling like life from the boardroom and the bedroom boring you? 

Has the emotional extras of stress, anxiety, depression, got you about to jump off the stage?

Wait! Let’s lessen the drama together.  

Do you simply need to redesign the scenes or re-arrange the scenery? These sessions will pinpoint what you feel is going on for you in your life, and the upgrades you want to make to the dialogue, the roles you play, and the action you need to take to make the changes you desire so that you can live the life you thrive for. 


Over 6 months, we will meet each other centre stage for our monthly 90-minute call, creating direction and clarity, shining the spotlight on each area of your life, so you transform into the leading lady of your own life.  With ongoing support and encouragement throughout the 6 months, you will feel supported and ready for the standing ovation from the woman looking back at you in the mirror.