The Audition

A 3 day Online Transformational Theatre Drama Therapy Experience


No Acting Experience Necessary!


Resonate with your Freedom Lifestyle.

Begin to Effortlessly fall in love with your life by starting to

create your own life script of Freedom

and taking the steps towards living your 


Finding the tools you need to know about strengthening and aligning your resilience and life,

to recognise that there are different levels of frequency you operate at.

When you start to choose the part you want to play in your life

you will create alignment in all areas of your life.


This transformational group audition experience will happen over 3 Scenes.

In a Private and safe haven in zoom and Facebook.


As with any audition, it is your opportunity to show the character you are living as at the moment

and I will give you the props and directions to build on this


so that at the end of this 3-day audition retreat

you will have moved forward in your transformation

with an understanding of what you can achieve.

We are truly setting the stage for your huge uplevel in your personal stardom!

Are you ready to let go of the resistance you have been feeling & create energy that is coming from a place of Freedom?

To learn how to focus on building your emotional resilience

with positive emotions and more,

that will enable you to consciously create more inside yourself? 

To discuss booking onto The Greatest Show on Earth, 

please book in a talk with Debbie below

It all starts with a 20 minute call