The Grand Finale

A 12 months Online Transformational Theatre 

Drama Therapy Blockbuster


No acting experience necessary!


Resonate with your Freedom Lifestyle.

Begin to Effortlessly fall in love with your life

by creating your own life script of Freedom

and stepping out to live your 


Everything you need to know about aligning your life

and to recognise that there are different levels of frequency you operate at. 

When you start to choose the dialogue, the scenes, the characters and more

that you want in your life you will create alignment in all areas of your life.

With your new found freedom comes a great power and responsibility 


During this 12 months blockbuster,

you will learn to recreate

and step into the stage directions, dialogue and script writing

you need to re align the following ...

Your Life Story 

Your Perspectives

Your Fears/Beliefs/Blockages

Your Needs and Wants

Your Forgiveness

Your Transformation Unfolding

Your Power of Freedom

Your Future Life in Action

Are you ready to let go of all resistance you have been feeling?

Ready to create energy that is coming from a place of Freedom

to strengthen and evolve your own resilience?


To learn how to consciously focus on positive emotions

that will enable you to create more inside yourself?

Just imagine your life where FREEDOM is a natural side effect of the choices you make.

Where you are in complete alignment with your passion

and creating choices that resonate with your FREEDOM intentions.

Only then can you become the Leading Lady of your True Potential and Freedom Life Story


This epic blockbuster transformation experience will happen across 12 months.

Discover proven techniques to quickly rewrite the script on your perspectives.

Recognise, acknowledge, release, and embrace your triggers

so you can redirect them more easily.

Create the life your Inner Leading Lady desires and deserves

This epic blockbuster transformation will evolve through

the Epilogue, 6 Acts to the Prologue. 

On your own private stage there will be 12 x 2 hour 1:2:1s

with director and performer.

Split over an agreed time to include follow up sessions after the 12 months.

Access to Facebook messenger for further stage directions and prompts.

As with any blockbuster,

there will be a plot, scenes, scripts, dialogues and a Grand Finale Performance by YOU!

Your own Leading Lady!


We are truly setting the stage

for revealing your true personal potential and empowered stardom!

You will create an alignment performance in all areas of your life.

Here is what you will learn to create across the 12 months

The rehearsals will go from Drama to Applause!

  • Create an epic love story with your life. Rapidly get you to start to fall in love with your life and stay in love!

  • Dust off the ‘props’ in your mind to overcome any fears and blockages so you can step out from hiding in the wings of life to have a clear stage on which to perform your finest talents and gifts!

  • Master a calm and confident and empowered persona, one who will create your best future!

  • Transform the plot of how you live today and re-write scripts that don’t feel like authentic, to one in which you become your own heroic Leading Lady!

  • Step out every day, and give the best performance you have always wanted, so you can live your     

Freedom Love Story to the full.



Reflection on how far your performance has come

and allowing your Leading Lady to take a bow on the centre stage

of Your Greatest Show on Earth and beyond. 

You will be diving deeper,

and getting even more clarity on your own unique situation,

and will come away with a clear script to act upon for your 

Freedom Life Performance

A powerful opportunity not to be missed



  • Greatest Show on Earth program and material. 

  • A 2 hr 1:1 Intensive per month on top of the 1:1 from the Greatest Show on Earth 

  • The Trinity Code (worth £3000) directed by Jenni. P Brown, my co-director (more details available) 

  • VIP Personal Messenger Access (priceless)

  • SHOW REVIEW Offline retreat with other VIP Leading Ladies

To discuss booking onto The Greatest Show on Earth,  please book in a talk with Debbie below

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