The Rehearsal

A 12 Week Online Transformational Theatre Drama Therapy Experience

No acting experience necessary!


Resonate with your Freedom Lifestyle.

Begin to Effortlessly fall in love with your life

by creating your own life script of Freedom

and stepping out to live your 


These transformational rehearsals will happen in 6 Scenes

in a Private and safe haven in zoom and Facebook.

As with any blockbuster, there will be a plot, scenes, scripts, and dialogues!

We are truly setting the stage for a huge uplevel in your personal stardom!

In just 12 weeks, your rehearsals will allow you to

learn the stage directions, dialogue, and scriptwriting

you need to create the re-alignment of the following:

Your Life Story 

Your Fears/Beliefs/Blockages

Your Needs and Wants

Your Forgiveness

Your Power of Freedom

Are you ready to let go of more resistance you have been feeling,

create energy that is coming from a place of Freedom?

To focus on more positive emotions that will enable you to consciously become aware of your inner self?


Just imagine your life where

FREEDOM is a natural side effect of the choices you make. 

These heart-felt rehearsals will be a transforming experience that will happen in a group setting across 12 weeks.

Discover proven techniques to quickly rewrite the script on your perspectives.

Recognise, acknowledge, release, and embrace your triggers so you can redirect them more easily.


Create the steps you need in your life

for your Inner Leading Lady to thrive...

All this with peer support and stage directions

to turn your weekly rehearsals into your new life performance

A private and safe haven in zoom and Facebook.

As with any rehearsals, there will be scenes, scripts, and dialogues to establish,

as well as creating the Leading Character (YOU!)

We are truly setting the stage for your next up-levelling in your personal stardom!

To discuss booking onto The Greatest Show on Earth, 

please book in a talk with Debbie below

It all starts with a 20 minute call